Development View -- "Building a Business with Honesty and Developing with Credit"

Honesty is the quality of innate instinct, and faith is the crystallization of acquired wisdom, strength and behavior. Credit is the necessary cornerstone for the sustainable development, bigger and stronger of enterprises. Often in the early stage of entrepreneurship, there is no capital or lack of market resources. To strive for the world's capital is integrity. In the development process from small to large, Changneng people rely on integrity to win the trust of users and overcome many difficulties.

Production View -- "Solid Production, Quality First"

Strictly abide by the quality awareness and advanced manufacturing concept, with efficient equipment, manufacturing high-quality products, professional manufacturing, intent to create, committed to providing high-quality products for friends from all walks of life.

Values -- "Harmony as the Foundation, Pursuing Excellence"

"Harmony as the foundation, pursuing excellence" absorbs the positive factors of traditional culture. Internally, it advocates harmonious and harmonious interpersonal relations; externally, it emphasizes the harmony of honesty and credit to customers, harmony between people and environment to society, embodies the values and ethics of the unity of justice and benefit of enterprises, embodies the socialist moral requirements, embodies the concrete embodiment of the strategy of "running the country by virtue" at the core level of corporate culture, and has guidance for promoting the construction of corporate spiritual civilization. Significance.

Talents View -- "A Bosom Friend in the Sea Shows His Talents to the Full"

Externally recruiting talents and opening channels to the interior. Employing people without doubt, letting go of power, using boldly, not afraid of failure.

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